Canyon State Filtration, LLC is a regional water and wastewater treatment company serving the water utility industry. Our customers include municipal utilities, independent privately-held utilities, mobile home parks, camp grounds, hotels and other establishments that use adsorption media to comply with Arsenic MCL and other heavy metal compliance requirements.  In addition, we serve the wastewater industry in its compliance requirements.

With first-hand experience building, operating and maintaining adsorption treatment plants, we bring a unique perspective in addressing the needs of our customers for the treatment of arsenic and heavy metals in drinking water and wastewater.  From 30gpm to over 3,000gpm treatment plants we can provide our specialized services to help keep our customers in compliance with these regulations.  We also provide services for Granular Activated Carbon, Anthracite, Filter Sand and Greensand.

Our package treatment plants are designed to fit our customer’s exact specifications and utilize simple controls that require minimal supervision and limited personnel training.  Paired with a variety of adsorptive medias, we help our customers reduce TSS, oil and grease, organic matter, TDS and heavy metals in tap water and wastewater without injecting chemicals.

CSF has solutions to meet all your compliance requirements from drinking water standards for heavy metals to NPDES permits among others.  Contact us to see how we can help you remain in compliance and avoid costly fines.

Contact us at 928.592.7373

Contact us at 928.592.7373 to discuss the solutions to your project.


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