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Canyon State Filtration, LLC is proud to be the premier distributor for Graver Technologies' MetSorb™ HMRG in the Southwest.  MetSorb™ HMRG is a titanium based granular adsorbent used for the removal of heavy metals in drinking water and wastewater.   It has a large, but finite capacity to adsorb arsenic and other heavy metals due to the large surface area and kinetics.   

MetSorb™ HMRG removes the following contaminants:

  • Chromium+6
  • Arsenic III
  • Arsenic V
  • Cadmium
  • Copper
  • Antimony
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Uranium
  • Zinc
  • Selenium

  • Municipal Drinking Water
  • Commercial or Industrial Wastewater
  • Acid Mine Drainage/Mine Wastewater
  • Flue Gas Desulfurization
  • Groundwater Remediation
  • Industrial Process Water
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing 
  • Stormwater Treatment 
  • Hydraulic Fracturing flowback

MetSorb™ HMRG is not re-generable, but can be disposed of at a solid waste facility as a nonhazardous waste.  In most cases, existing treatment plants can switch from their current product to MetSorb HMRG, CSF can perform your media replacement.



Product Literature:
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Adsorption Treatment Plant

At Canyon State Filtration, we have developed a deep knowledge of operating adsorption treatment plants.  Based on our experience we strive for an extremely simple ease of operation treatment plant with the operator in  mind.  From design to construction our treatment plants exhibit simplicity to keep you easily in regulatory compliance.

Package Treatment Plant:

Our package treatment plants used for heavy metal removal can be skid mounted, trailer mounted or placed within a shipping container.  In addition, package plants allows for multiple treatment objectives using multiple adsorption technologies.  Should your needs require the removal of TSS, oil and grease, organic matter, TDS or heavy metals we can tailor our package treatment plant to fulfill your requirement without any chemical injection required.

    • Skid Mounted:  Skid mounted treatment plants allow the plant to be built, tested, and shipped to the customer's location.  The benefits include; limited site disruption, drop in place and connect the inlet and outlet, compact design "plug and play" operations.  Flow ranges from 20-750gpm or up to 1.08mgd.
    • Trailer Mounted:  Trailer mounted mobile water filtration units are fully enclosed unit allowing them to be protected from elements of the earth.  They are very mobile as well, allowing the customer to use the same treatment plant for various projects or site locations.  These units feature "plug and play" operations and can operate between 20-800gpm or up to 1.1mgd.
    • Container Mounted:  Shipping container treatment plants allow for the end user to ship them any where in the world.  Since the containers are completely enclosed they are protected from the various elements found throughout the world.  In addition, they remain very secure for remote operations.  Standing just under nine foot tall these units can be placed in residential areas with little to no noticeable difference to surrounding neighbors.  These units also incorporate a "plug and play" operations with a capacity of 20-550gpm or up to 0.75mgd.


We have the capacity to bring a complete treatment plant package to your application.  From site evaluation to the first day of operation with your new treatment plant we can provide our expertise during every step.  We believe that our involvement in day to day activities with operating several treatment plants has allowed us to keep the operator in mind while designing treatment plants.

Contract Build:

Should you have a design for your application completed, we can take whats on paper and bring it to life.  As a registered contractor, we are bonded and insured so you can feel at ease that your project will be completed on time and correctly.  We follow AWWA standards along with all state and federal requirements.

Examples of our work:

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